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We utilize a highly effective procedure of combing and manual nit-picking. It is safe, pesticide free, and ensures your child will be back in school the next day, depending on individual school policy. Our clinicians are experienced with children, compassionate and discreet. We recommend a follow-up appointment. We estimate an average of 1 hour per head depending on length of hair and level of infestation.

Our Procedure...

Before your appointment we recommend that every family member that needs to be checked has dry hair, free of oils or hair products. Clients with hair extensions are required to remove their extensions before treatment.

Step 1:
If for a home visit, our clinicians arrive in unmarked cars to ensure your privacy.
Step 2:
The technician should check every member in the house for head lice and nits, not just those who are possibly infected.
Step 3:
Those found to have head lice and/or nits will have their hair manually combed using our lice removal comb, working on small sections of hair at a time.
Step 4:
Manual re-checking strand by strand.
Step 5:
We recommend scheduling a follow-up treatment within 3-4 days.
Step 6:
You will be given a Head Lice Clearance Certificate. Our certificate provides notification to your child's school that they have been effectively treated by Honeycomb and therefore able to return to school without the threat of spreading head lice.

Los Angeles & Beyond...

We serve West Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, the South Bay, and Orange County, CA. Contact us 7 days a week, for in-home or at our salon lice treatment and nit removal service. Our trained clinicians will offer tips on how to prevent further infestation in the home and proper follow-up care. We discreetly arrive at your home and honor your privacy and confidentiality.

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