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Honeycomb is a full service clinical salon dedicated to removing head lice safely, effectively and in a kid-friendly environment. Our combination of highly trained professional Technicians and non-toxic shampoos and rinses leads to the fast and safe removal of nits and lice.

We use a 3-Step Process to safely and painlessly remove head lice and their nits from hair.

During Step One, specially trained Honeycomb experts, manually screen the hair for nits and lice. It is recommended that the entire family come in for an evaluation, as it is highly possible that more than one family member may be infested.

If nits and lice are found, our experts move on to Step Two, which is manually removing the parasites. Our combination of highly trained Honeycomb experts spray your hair with our specially formulated natural solution which leads to the fast and safe removal of the nits and lice.

Step Three is the process of manually combing hair for 1 hour and removing every visible nit and lice

A few words about Prevention...

We believe part of our job involves educating parents, school nurses and camp supervisors about the benefits of prevention. There are things we can all do to prevent the spread of lice. Here are a few of the basics.

  • Screen your child for lice once a week.
  • Make sure your school/camp does the same.
  • Keep long hair in a braid or ponytail.
  • Upon hearing of an outbreak:
    -Visit or call Honeycomb for a salon visit or a home visit.
    -Wash your clothing.
  • If head lice is detected on your child, notify your school, friends and family immediately in order to prevent the spread of lice.
  • Be aware after returning from any kind of camp or holiday break where lice outbreaks tend to occur more.
  • Ask your school or camp to contact us, we offer free screenings to both schools and camps.
  • Remove the negative stigma associated with head lice by educating your family and friends on the importance of early treatment...the sooner lice is found the less it spreads

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